ARG Computer Services is a new business startup based in the centre of Darlington, offering computer services to Darlington and the surrounding towns and villages.


ARG is run by me, Andy Gibson. I am a University graduate and have 17 years experience of computers; working with PCs for the last 13 years. For the last 10 years I have built and maintained my own computers, and throughout that time I have looked after the maintenance and repair of those of family and friends.


ARG offers a package of services to meet the needs of the home computer user from purchase to disposal. I can help you buy the right computer from the wide selection available today, upgrade through it's lifecycle if desired, maintain and secure it against threats, and show you how to get the best from it. Finally, when it comes to the end of it's lifecycle, I can help you wipe your data and can point you in the direction of recycling schemes.


The map below shows the area within which ARG Computer Services offers a standard service.

Mouse over image for a larger version.

Service can be offered outside of this area on request at an additional call out cost - see the Pricing page for full details.


When possible I prefer to work during normal business hours, but appreciate that many people will be not be at home during these hours. Therefore I am able to complete work in the evenings and over weekends if required.