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ARG Computer Services aims to offer services at a fair and reasonable price. My charges are a mixture of fixed charges and variable charges depending on the type of work completed.


Pricing Structure

My pricing structure is based on the location where you live - so taking into account how far I have to travel to reach you. The two maps below show the core areas that I provide service to, so will allow you to see which of the two pricing zones you live in. Service can be offered outside of these areas on request at an additional initial cost on request.


The map below shows the 2 areas within which a standard service is provided. Zone 1 is shown in the darker green, and Zone 2 in the lighter green. Click the maps for a larger version.


Fixed Pricing
At present I only offer fixed pricing for my Buying Consultations. I am currently investigating offering fixed pricing for other services, and this site will be updated if I decide to go ahead.

Service Area Fixed Price
Buying Consultation Zone 1 50
Zone 2 60
Other Areas Please Call


Variable Pricing

See the table below for the charges for work completed by ARG Computer Services.

Area First Hour Charge Per 30 Minutes There-after
Zone 1 35 15
Zone 2 45 15
Other Areas Please Call 15


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