The following are testimonials kindly provided by satisfied ARG Computer Services customers.


Andy has helped me regain my confidence with the computer. On reaching the age when a TV licence becomes a freebee, to find someone who can teach without being patronizing, understands completely the technical intricacies of computing, is encouraging to the point of accepting that whatever mistake one makes it can be resolved, can offer excellent service at such reasonable rates, who can advise on improvements to ones system without exerting pressure, what more can one ask for - just Andy.

Barbara Evans 9.1.2007


I was introduced to Andy by a friend when I was having a problem with my computer. He has a fantastic knowledge of computers and however difficult a problem seems to be, he is always able to solve it. He has helped me with several upgrades to my computer and it is great to be able to call on someone who will come to your home rather than have to phone a helpline or even have to dismantle your computer and take it away for attention. The big benefit is, of course, that with Andy you get one-to-one attention so it's personal service all the way! He will explain things in a way that's easy to understand, so even people like me who are not really computer literate feel they can cope. When the time comes for me to renew my computer I shall certainly seek Andy's advice beforehand. I shall be recommending him to all my friends so do give him a call if you have a problem - no matter how big or small he's bound to be able to help you.

Viv Scott, 1/2/07


Andy has provided us with a quick and easy route to solve all of our computing problems. When buying computer equipment and outlaying money on related sevices it is good to know that we have quick, easy and personal access to someone willing and able to solve problems that people without technical knowledge often encounter. Andy has not only provided solutions to our I.T. problems but has ensured that our system which was, at times frustratningly inefficient, is quicker and performs to our needs. Andy has given us the confidence to access the real benefitsof the cyberworld by imparting his vast knowledge in a way we understand and by encouraging us to ask the kind of questions we may once have deemed to stupid to ask.

Mike and Sylvia Renwick, 14/2/07


I have known Andy for 17 years so he was the ideal person to call in when I had a problem with my computer recently.He responded promptly to my request for assistance and was very quickly able to diagonse the problem. It didn't take him long to put it right and I was really pleased that he showed me what to do in future to prevent the problem re-occurring. Four months later and the computer is working well so I am very satisfied at the service Andy gave. If I do have any problem with my computer again, I will certainly use Andy's services and would definitely recommend him to others

Lesley Hill, 5/3/07