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Maintenance & Security

I can help you keep your computer clean and tidy in order to keep it running smoothly. Similarly, I can help you protect your investment from the dangers lurking on the internet.

Like any piece of technology, a computer needs to be maintained if it is going to continue to run smoothly. Software will leave behind unneeded files and programs that you don't need will run invisibly taking up system resources for example. These and other things will gradually make your computer slow down if you don't clean things up periodically.

I can complete a health check on your computer, clean up these issues, and explain to you how you can complete basic maintenance yourself. I can also point you in the direction of software that will help you do these tasks more effectively than just using the built in Windows tools.

In addition to the above, if you are an internet user, you need to ensure your computer is well protected from external dangers. Unfortunately the internet has become an increasingly dangerous place in recent years, so having the right software to safeguard your investment, and personal information is essential.

From viruses, worms and trojans to spyware, malware & ransomware there are many ways your computer can be attacked. Add to that content such as spam & adult sites, and there's lot to protect you & your family's investment from.

I can help you clean up any damage that may already of happened, and advise on the best software and settings to keep all these nasties at bay in the future. While this software may seem expensive, the damage that can be done to a computer from viruses alone makes it a sound investment - don't be caught out.