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Upgrades & Repairs

If you are having problems with your computer or you want to get more from it, then give me a call. I can come out to your home and help get things sorted out.

If your computer is not working as it should, then I can diagnose the fault and fix it for you. I deal with both software and hardware faults, so if software needs reinstalling/reconfiguring or hardware needs replacing then I will be able to help.

As todays software develops, then the hardware requirements needed to run it grow too. If you are not ready to buy a new computer, then some basic upgrades can significantly improve your experience. The available upgrades are almost infinite, but with careful selection you can make a big difference to your computer. To give just one example, a memory upgrade can significantly improve performance of a computer, and at generally a very low cost.

Equally you may just need assistance to install some new hardware device or some new software that you have puchased. Maybe a new DVD-Writer in your computer, or installing the software for a scanner, webcam or something else. I can help with all these things.