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Wireless Network Installation

I can ensure that you have all the needed security precautions in place to give you peace of mind when browsing the internet or sharing files between computers.

The growth of wireless networks has been amazing over recent of years, but unfortunately some people still have insecure networks allowing anyone to access them. Remember that a wireless network will cover an area bigger than just your own home, it will likely cover parts of your neighbours houses and the road outside - and any vehicles parked on it. If you are planning to install a wireless network, or have one already, you need to take precautions to avoid any unauthorised access.

At it's most benign, the intrusion could be as simple as a neighbour logging onto your network, using your connection to browse the internet without permission. But it could be significantlty worse:

A well protected wireless network can be a great tool to free up you computer usage, and the potential threats can be almost completely negated. Unfortunately, out of the box, using default settings, some wireless networking equipment leaves your network easily (or freely) accessible. Let me protect your network privacy.